Planning an approach to health and safety is crucial in preventing adverse outcomes…       

Safebound can assist you along the way by facilitating planning workshops. Planning stages may include the identification and analysis of health and safety risk, performance indicators, requirements and obligations and the formulation of goals and strategies. We can help you define milestones for the implementation of health and safety systems and the development of health and safety management plans.

Our deliverables include:
  • Health and safety management plans
  • Facilitation of health and safety strategy workshops
  • Development of leadership strategies and communication
  • Development of risk management methodology
  • Project planning
  • Risk registers
  • Safe design registers
  • Emergency and evacuation plans

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Planning the approach to health and safety is good business practice and most essential in preventing adverse outcomes. We assist organisations with strategies and planning to achieve policies, objectives and targets.

Did you know?
Construction projects with a value above $250.000 will require a health and safety management plan under the new harmonised health and safety legislation.