Safety climate surveys are a reliable way to measure the effectiveness of safety leadership…      

A safety climate survey is a “snapshot” of employees’ perceptions of the current environment or prevailing conditions, which impact upon safety. Recognition of employee perceptions reveal opportunities for employers to improve their safety leadership and the organisation’s safety culture. Survey results will enable your organisation to take appropriate steps in order to close safety gaps and therefore reduce incident rates.

A reliable and valid measurement of safety climate offers immense advantages:
  • It can overcome the limitations of traditional safety measures such as lost time accident rates and accident investigation reports.
  • Survey results can be easily integrated into health and safety performance reporting.
  • Safety climate surveys assist to focus safety efforts on problematic areas.
  • A safety climate survey is a valuable tool for identifying the trend of an organisation’s safety performance as well as establishing safety benchmarks.
  • It costs much less money and time than other safety measures.
  • Safety climate is associated with safety practices, accidents, unsafe behavior and is a “leading indicator” of safety performance.

Our health and safety climate survey...

...includes a safety questionnaire, online or hard copy, interviews, and result analysis including a report and consultation on measures your organisation can take to overcome shortcomings. Climate survey results can be integrated into your health and safety performance reporting.