Company sentenced over plant explosion

A SouthWest mine management company was fined $100,000, after a worker was injured during a 2008 explosion at a trial coal drying and char plant. An Electrical contractor, 61 years old, suffered severe burns to the upper part of his body and head at a trial char plant near Collie, whi
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Workplace injury – Tiffany’s traumatic story

At 18, Tiffany Ward was severely injured at work when both of her arms were caught in a potato processing auger. This film highlights the traumatic impact of the incident on Tiffany’s life and tells of her ongoing battle to live with the physical and emotional consequences of
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WorkSafe reminds workplaces to prepare for cyclone season

With the onset of the cyclone season, and Cyclone Narelle expected to cross the North-West coast this weekend, WorkSafe has requested workplaces on land and sea to be become familiar with emergency/contingency plans. The threat of cyclones can’t be underestimated and a coordin
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