Safety Alert: Pallet maintenance

The WA Government’s department of Commerce has released a safety alert regarding the use of wooden and general-purpose flat pallets. The alert comes as a result of  WorkSafe investigations over the last 12 months into the freight forwarding industry, which identified that damaged wooden pallets are a concern. Pallets are used across many industries and are often loaded incorrectly and damaged by pallet trucks, forklift trucks and other material handling machinery.

The department of commerce states, the purpose of the alert is to inform employers and employees of the importance of  training in identifying damaged pallets and having a pallet maintenance program. Workplaces that use pallets are required to develop a maintenance program that adresses:

– Inspection of pallets at receival and dispatch.

– Training of employees to identify incorrectly loaded pallets, broken boards, split cross beams and corroded nails etc.

– Reporting of damaged pallets to the appropriate person/employer.

– Ensure employees hold the required licences and competencies when using forklifts and other pallet lifting devices.

Retrieved from:  http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/worksafe/PDF/Safety_alerts/2013/05-2013_Wooden_and_general_purpose_.pdf

Dated: 17/07/2013