DMP fatality study released

A study undertaken by the Department of Mines and Petroleum in 2013 reviewed mining fatality rates for Western Australia from 2000 to 2012. Results of the review showed a total of 52 mining deaths in the thirteen years covered. Reviewers searched for trends amongst injuries with the aim to highlight key areas requiring improvement.

The DMP study found:

– In 62 % of the cases, onsite procedures were not complied with.

– In 27 % of the cases, it appears that there was no procedure in place.

– 49% of deaths involved workers who were in the first year at their respective mine sites or fulfilling new roles.

– Tradesmen and operators comprised 70% of the total fatalities. The most prevalent occupations included:

  1. Fitters
  2. Haul truck drivers
  3. Service Vehicle Drivers
  4. Jumbo Operators


According to the DMP review, incorrect use of fall arrest equipment, departure from original equipment manufacturer procedures, runaway vehicles, vehicles over edges, vehicle collisions, electrical contacts, rock falls, pit wall failures, inrush, tyre handling  and worker fatigue were involved repeatedly in fatal work incidents.

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Retrieved from: Department of Mines and Petroleum Magazine  http://www.dmp.wa.gov.au/documents/Magazine/RSM_Magazine_Jan14_Full.pdf