DMP concerned over manual handling injuries in the Pilbara

WA’s chief resources safety regulator has found an alarming rate of serious manual handling injuries amongst Pilbara mining operators and workers.

Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources Safety Executive Director Simon Ridge said 107 of the injuries that occurred in the Pilbara, which resulted in serious injuries, related to manual handling or overexertion when shifting objects onsite.

“The fact that the majority of these incidents occurred during manual handling activities says that people out there may be underestimating the true severity of soft tissue injuries that can occur through this type of work,” Mr Ridge said.

The severity of the incidents, compared to those in the Pilbara during 2009, required workers to take up to three times more time off work to recover.

“We must remember that injuries like these, such as joint and back complaints, can seriously impact quality of life on a long-term basis.”

“For that reason I urge companies to continue offering in-depth manual handling and safety training to workers.”

Please contact Safebound on (08) 6102 5400 for assistance with hazard identification and the management of manual handling risks.

Source: Department of Mines and Petroleum, http://www.dmp.wa.gov.au/7105_18213.aspx

Dated 09/07/2013.