Welcome to Safebound – Health and Safety Consultancy Services.

We are committed to working with employers to provide guidance, support and training to companies who wish to improve the health and safety of workers and legislative compliance. Whether you need specific assistance for a particular project or you would like to develop or improve overall health and safety strategy, we provide solutions that are right for your business.
Planning an approach to health and safety is crucial in preventing adverse outcomes…     
Safety climate surveys are a reliable way to measure the effectiveness of safety leadership… 
We develop entire OHS management systems or improve existing processes and procedures…    
We develop and deliver quality training that enables your personnel to work competently and safely..

Examining your health and safety management system

We can audit your current state of health, safety and compliance and provide advice where improvements are needed and how best to achieve it. All our services are provided, where appropriate, in accordance with Australian, New Zealand and international safety and health standards. Contact us, we will make time for a free initial appointment.


  • Chememan is an international lime manufacturing and distribution company, located in WA. To establish a complete Work Health and Safety system we enlisted the services of Safebound. Through an auditing process, Safebound was able to identify areas of improvement and design a health and safety system that ensures a safe workplace, meets legal requirements and places our business at a competitive edge when tendering.
    Chememan Australia Pty Ltd, Kamol Sowattanaskul, General Manager
  • We recently engaged Safebound to assist us in upgrading our existing OH&S system and procedures. During our dealings with Safebound we found the staff made the time to ensure we understood both what was happening and why it was required. As the size of our company does not support the employment of a full time OH&S employee, Safebound also offered a support and management service, which assists us in keeping our OH&S systems working correctly and up to date with any legislative changes. All our dealings with Safebound over this period have been positive and they have been easy to work with.  
    Fitout Fire Co. Pty Ltd , Ray Jesen, Managing Director
  • Action Fencing is a West Australian fencing company that has been operating for twenty plus years. To help our company set up a health and safety system we enlisted the services of Safebound and now have a robust system. The system set up ensures we have safe working practices, and have been able to comply with government contracts.
    Action Fencing, Michael Haberkorn, Managing Director
  • MP Electrolocation Pty Ltd is an underground utility protection company. We have been in the industry for over 20 years. As time moved forward we found our safety system to be noncompliant with many of the large companies we deal with and also not in line with government legislation. Frank from Safebound was able to put together a solution for us that resolved these problems and has put safety at the forefront of our day to day operations.
    MP Electrolocation Pty Ltd, Dale Shearsmith, Director